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The Industry Leader

At Ergo Robotic Solutions, we design, build and sell outstanding glass installation equipment. Our glass installation lifting equipment, both for below-the-hook glass installation and for working from the deck, are the best in the industry. Our exterior glazing installation machines for the inside-out approach are cutting-edge designs.

The return on investment for our mobile glass installation equipment is so good that your machine can pay for itself the first time out.

We provide innovative solutions to problems contractors might not even be aware they have, in order to assist them in reaching their material handling goals ahead of schedule and safely.

The machines we build are called many different names in the industry, largely because they are new and innovative.

The names include:

  • Glass installation machine
  • Ergonomic handler
  • Mobile ergonomic glass handler
  • Glass manipulator
  • Steel manipulator
  • Glass robot
  • Window manipulator
  • Curtain wall handling equipment
  • Curtain wall installation equipment
  • Glass installation equipment
  • Hydraulic hoist
  • Equipment to lift install unitized curtain walls
  • Ergonomic manipulator
  • Mobile glass articulator
  • Vacuum lifter
The activity of using these machines is known as:

  • Glass installation
  • Glass lifting
  • Glass hoisting
  • Machine glazing
  • Glass placement
  • Glazing placement
We call them glass installation machines because installing glass is what these powerful, hydraulic machines are used for, but they can be used to handle loads of any composition as long as a good purchase can be made with the machine’s suction cups.