Challenges for the Glass Installation Industry

Competitive Bid Pricing Atmosphere

Many hands reaching for the same dollar With today’s economy, there are more hungry players in the marketplace looking for work and bidding on jobs. Budgets are more fixed than ever, forcing contractors to sharpen their pencils.

Before even winning a job, it seems there are smaller margins and no room for error.

Budget and Time Overruns

Hazard sign saying Operating with smaller fudge factors leads to a greater occurrence of budget and time overruns.

Foremen and project managers the world over are continually asking themselves “How can I go faster for less money??”

High Labor and Insurance Costs

A hard hat covers a big investmentSkilled labor and related insurance costs are higher than ever. Increasing crew personnel working hours decreases efficiency, so instead of getting more production in less time, you can end up with more expensive production and little time saved.

The secret is how to work smarter, not harder.

Workplace Hazards
A hazard sign warns of worker safety issueConstruction sites are hazardous environments by nature, and the busier and more intense they are, the greater the incidence of accidents.
Disability Claims and Lost Time

A $100 bill shows a beat up Ben FranklinAccidents lead to disability claims. The loss of key personnel means a drop in efficiency and the loss of time. Worse yet, replacement personnel can lead to an increase of problems due to lack of experience or training.

Unchecked, this can be a vicious spiral and move from bad to worse.

Shrinking Bottom Line

Pie graph showing that the profit is a small slice of the whole

  • Tighter bids
  • Late penalties
  • Rising insurance premiums
  • Demand for higher pay
  • Accidents and disability claims

The result is your bottom line is under attack.

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