As society marches forward, many corners of the world’s industries and products get bigger and better – and glass installations are not exempt.

In today’s modern architectural and design landscape, glass installation projects are getting more and more complex and scaling to new heights, requiring the safe installation of huge, heavy panes that pose serious efficiency and safety concerns.

Fortunately, glaziers have solutions.

Ergo Robotic Solutions Director of Sales and Marketing Alan Nudi joined host Tyler Kern to discuss how the company’s glass manipulators are helping glaziers keep pace.

“This is the core of our story, really. It’s what we are all about. It’s about providing solutions,” Nudi said. “The machinery is the solution, but in getting from the problem to the solution, we work hand-in-hand with our customers.”

This custom approach helps Ergo serve any and all needs, even for customers that don’t know exactly what they need when they begin the process.

Ergo offers a range of innovative solutions custom-built for glaziers’ unique needs, from residential applications to high-stress, angled and large-scale installation projects.

And the proof is in the results – Ergo’s machinery has installed glass in every major United States city, helping glaziers adapt to increasingly unique architecture and shapes.

“There are countless examples, in fact, of unique types of jobs,” Nudi said. “For instance, there was a really interesting job we worked on with a customer that’s actually a solar energy field. What they do is they install, essentially, a giant field full of mirrors.

“They break from time to time, and they have to replace them. So we designed a custom trailer that they could pull behind their truck that actually has an arm that can reach down, pull the mirrors right off of the truck, raise them up in the air, move them around, and allow them to hold the mirror in place to allow them to attach it where it needs to go.”