At Ergo Robotic Solutions, our foremost concern is always jobsite safety. We pride ourselves on bringing truly innovative robotic solutions and new efficiencies to glaziers across the country, but none of that is worth anything without proper safety and precautionary measures.

To that end, social distancing while glazing has been an important topic of conversation in the wake of the spread of the novel coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, social distancing while glazing is possible.

Leveraging a Glazing Robot

One of the premier ways to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to – with an added bonus of elevating operations in a variety of other ways – is to leverage a glazing robot.

Whether installing curtain wall pieces, large sheets of glass, prefabbed wall, or other similar products, commercial and residential glaziers alike can utilize these innovative machines to improve their processes.

A glazing robot, operated by one person, can more safely lift and carry heavy glass than a group of people under normal conditions, and this reduction in necessary staff is even more beneficial in the age of social distancing.

Benefits Well Beyond Post-Pandemic Distancing Measures

While it’s certainly true that glazing robots can cut down on crew interaction and promote safety through effective social distancing, they’re also ready to elevate jobsite efficiency in a variety of other ways.

They eliminate potential accidents brought on by groups carrying large sheets of glass, both in terms of crew safety and accidental product loss.

Most solutions are engineered with a variety of beneficial safety features, including redundant vacuum systems, vacuum feedback alarms, precise, low-speed manipulation capabilities, and more.

Finally, they boost overall productivity, allowing your crews to accomplish more with less and saving costs associated with labor, temporary equipment, and more.

Turning to Ergo

At Ergo, we provide thorough training both on-site or at your shop or facility, providing a simple path toward appropriate knowledge and safety on the jobsite.

To learn more about how Ergo can help you enforce social distancing and reap the many rewards of adding a glazing robot to your operation, contact us today.