As a leader in custom machinery, Ergo Robotic Solutions is well known for our equipment that delicately and precisely lifts heavy glass. Many applications and materials can benefit from using our equipment, but you may not know that our machinery can do more than just lift glass.

What Else Can We Lift?

Flat glass is our specialty, but we can lift many other materials, including curved glass, curved or flat metal pieces, precast concrete, textured glass, rigid foams, plywood, sheetrock, assembled frames, curtain walls, etched glass, prefab steel-studded wall sections, and many other heavy elements.

Our machinery can lift a wide variety of building materials because of the vacuum system and cup assemblies, which we build in-house. Many of the parts are interchangeable across machines for flexibility. It is our specialty to provide custom lifting solutions for a wide variety of materials. For example, we can build custom frame and steel-studded wall lifters that work without use of the vacuum equipment.

Special Cups Assemblies are Sometimes Needed for Moving and Lifting Materials

With curved glass, for instance, cup assemblies with a swivel and/or a special bracket are necessary to hold the glass at the correct angle and distance. With these specialized cup assemblies, the glass lifter can be adapted to the shape of the glass.

Another example is the cup assemblies needed to move textured or etched glass. Most cups won’t seal to the texture or etching properly. This type of job requires special cups for a comprehensive vacuum seal.

The cup and vacuum system enables you to move heavy, fragile objects without the risk of damage or injury.

No Matter the Size or Difficulty, We Have Solutions for You

Our goal is to deliver products that make glass and material installation easier, safer, and more precise. We aim to provide solutions to your biggest challenges. Whether you’re working with a walk-behind, below-the-hook or fork-mounted manipulator, our equipment is state of the art. We also offer glazing installation machines for the inside-out approach and other challenging situations.

Making an investment in this kind of equipment will pay for itself over and over. We’re solving problems for those in the building industry, helping them meet deadlines and stay on budget. Beyond glass, our customers can make quick work of many demanding installations.

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