Every year architectural designs become more and more advanced. This is especially true with projects involving glass. Consequently, glaziers working on their own are faced with some incredibly difficult challenges to solve. Ergo Robotic Solutions can help you solve those challenges. We design equipment for the most difficult installations imaginable.

Complicated installations are more than just tricky. They can be downright dangerous. In nearly every case you need more than straps and hand-held suction cups—more than just “man-power.” You need equipment that has been designed for the specific kind of lift and installation you’re attempting to tackle.

At Ergo Robotic Solutions, this is what we do. Our equipment ensures that you maintain the safety of your workers and that you complete the job—all at the same time.

A Primer on Tough Installations

When lifting glass into place, the proper equipment is a must. Otherwise you risk damage to the glass, and injury to yourself or the people working for you. Curved glass, for example, has a powerful effect on the center of gravity, particularly when the glass curves away from your equipment. At Ergo Robotics, we have designed special cups and brackets that enable you to move curved glass so that it won’t bend.

In other situations, you may be tasked with lifting textured glass. This presents a different kind of challenge, as most cups will not seal properly. Our special foam-ridged cups were designed with textured glass in mind and will form a complete vacuum seal—thus ensuring you can lift and move the textured glass without risk of damage or injury.

Sometimes the building where you are working is cantilevered, with a part of one floor reaching out into the sky above you. Architecturally speaking, the design is stunning. Except how do you install heavy glass to those areas just below the cantilever? You may need a custom machine to provide you with the exact cantilever reach.

This is one of our specialties. In fact, we make more custom WPI unites than any other type of custom machine.

The list of dangerous, complex scenarios could go on forever, it seems. If this is your business, you need a partner—someone you can turn to for expertise, experience, and, when necessary, custom-designed equipment.

If you’re thinking you can’t afford the best the industry has to offer, think again. With Ergo Robotic Solutions, you’ll complete your projects in less time, with few problems, and with fewer workers—which only frees you up to pursue and accept more projects.

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