As architecture continues to evolve, installation processes must follow suit. Glass installation has become increasingly hazardous for workers, as the glass is often too heavy and large to safely manipulate. That being said, most companies search for “Glazing Robots” ––machines developed to do all the heavy lifting during glass installations. Ergo Robotic Solutions pioneered this term, and with the success of our glass manipulation technology, other manufacturers have joined the Glazing Robot market.

What is a Glazing Robot?

A Glazing Robot is a powerful, hydraulic machine used to install glass, but they can also be used to handle loads of any composition, as long as a good vacuum seal can be made with the machine’s suction cups. Glazing Robots come in many shapes and sizes. Some can be hung from a hook or crane, others can be mounted to a fork lift, and many are walk-behind units that are self-propelled. Some are controlled by remote––wireless or tethered––and others are controlled by hydraulic levers on the machine.

In addition to “Glazing Robot”, the machines Ergo Robotic Solutions build are called many different names in the industry, largely because they are new and innovative. The names include: Glass installation machine; Ergonomic handler; Mobile ergonomic glass handler; Glass manipulator; Glass lifter; Steel manipulator; Glass robot; Window manipulator, and other variations of these terms.

Safe & efficient installations

Handling glass is a challenge, especially when the pieces are large and heavy. Attempting to lift glass by hand, or with straps, puts employees in danger and the product at risk. Hand-held suction cups or other make-shift solutions are not effective or safe with large, heavy glass products. Leaving manipulation up to employees can lead to broken products, injuries, and downtime. This causes frustrated workers, a longer installation process, and increased costs.

Glazing Robots allow employees to remain outside the danger zone and safely maneuver the product into position. Using Glazing Robots takes the pressure off employees, granting an efficient installation process and allowing for more installations under unique and challenging conditions.

Glazing Robots are Ergo Robotic Solutions

For 15 years Bart Knotts has innovated glass manipulators, becoming a pioneer of the glazing robot and glass manipulator industry. In 2013, Bart Knotts and Jerry Nudi joined forces to create Ergo Robotic Solutions. They continue to improve the existing designs and create new glazing robotic solutions for an ever-growing industry.

At Ergo Robotic Solutions, we design, build, and sell outstanding glass installation equipment. With solutions for working below-the-hook and from the deck, our glass installation lifting equipment is the best in the industry. We provide innovative solutions to problems that contractors may not anticipate, achieving material handling goals ahead of schedule and safely. When searching for a glass manipulation solution, let the innovators guide you in the right direction with a Glazing Robot for your unique needs. To learn more about our glass installation equipment, click here.