For specialized glazing and façade applications, it’s imperative to have the right machinery to ensure accurate and safe installation. With decades of industry experience and a creative development team focused on revolutionary technology, no matter how complex your needs are, Ergo Robotic Solutions has the equipment for you. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art machines—from standard to fully customized—to enable advanced glass manipulating capabilities for our clients.

When determining what machinery is right for your projects, you may be considering whether to purchase or rent. Let’s explore which option may be right for you. 

When Do You Need an Ergo Robotics Solution?

In our modern world, not only are architectural projects calling for more and more glass, but the glass is getting both heavier and larger dimensionally, making it not only challenging to lift and handle, but exceedingly hazardous for workers. To complicate matters, each project is unique with different material handling goals to meet and rapidly approaching timelines to beat.

To accommodate this demand, Ergo delivers a wide arrary of best-in-class solutions, providing innovative equipment to successfully and safely complete jobs—whether you need below-the-hook glass installation or are working from the deck. With the use of robust suction cups, Ergo’s hydraulic glass installation machines are engineered to handle loads of any composition, with standard models that can be used in a multitude of jobs on a daily basis or highly specialized for one-off jobs instead.

Renting Vs. Buying

Once you’ve determined that glass installation machinery is a must-have for your business, you’ll need to think about renting versus buying. Each of these options has its own benefits.

Advantages of Renting:

  • Quick access to numerous available machines that can be shipped or delivered next day
  • No long-term capital commitment
  • Expand your equipment lineup as you need it based on your projects and demand
  • No storage requirements

Advantages of Buying:

  • Possible tax benefits (check with your accountant)
  • Lower long-term cost with ownership
  • Machine is ready for use whenever needed
  • Attract and retain skilled workers that will appreciate your investment in new technology

Renting or buying this equipment could be the innovation you need to help you overcome glass handling challenges and compete for business that was previously out of your capability range. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be supported by Ergo’s friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Our Equipment Can Solve Challenges in Your Current Process

If you are currently sourcing machinery to help with glass installation, you may encounter many limitations with other companies that aren’t a factor with Ergo.

  • If renting is the best option for your business or project, not all companies provide rentals. Ergo, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of rental machines to choose from along with quick ship and delivery options as well.
  • The product selection of other companies can be limited to small walk-behind models and little else. Ergo’s product line up is extensive, with over ten different off the rack solutions to choose from, as well as equipment custom-optimized to each unique project.
  • While other companies may have stagnated innovation-wise, Ergo is always pushing the boundaries, developing the next machine to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s aesthetic and structural needs. In fact, quite often, our designs are incorporated by our competitors years later.
  • Your current processes can result in an inability to be competitive, costing you more in labor and taking longer to complete. Ergo’s glass installation machines allow for quick, effortless installations so you can squeeze more production out of fewer laborers in less time, and bid on more challenging, larger-scale projects.
  • Manual labor, makeshift apparatuses, overly complex glass manipulator machinery or no glass handling equipment whatsoever are a danger to any worksite, risking both employees, passersby and bottom lines. Ergo’s glass manipulators are built with superior precision and sharp-sighted care. And whether you decide to rent or purchase, we ensure your employees are fully prepared to operate each system safely and comfortably with in-depth courses and certification upon training completion.

Is it time to revolutionize your glass installation methods? Reduce personnel, increase speed, reduce risk, gain a competitive advantage and install with ease with Ergo’s cutting-edge glass handling solutions.

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