The façade of eight of the top ten skyscrapers in the world are predominantly comprised of glass? Glass continues to rise in popularity in building and architectural design, providing beautiful outer surfaces that catch the eye while maximizing daylight for occupants. Further, glass is getting larger as architects seek out jumbo glass to line everything from the exteriors of towers, to the interiors of lobbies.

Hazardous by nature, construction sites introduce more risk with glass installation. As the demand for glass installations and glass modules grow in demand and size, contractors must be able to install glazing partitions safely and accurately. Doing so requires specialized equipment and skilled workers to ensure a perfect fit without accidents that will result in higher insurance rates, delayed deadlines, budgetary strains, and shrinking bottom lines.

Ergo Robotics Solutions was born out of the need for solutions in the industry.

At Ergo, we design, build and sell glass installation equipment for below-the-hook glass installation and for working from the deck. We precision build each of our glazing installation machines to exacting specifications in our own facility, offering flexibility and customization in design to provide the safest solution for each glass installation application. Our solutions provide quicker installs to meet deadlines, reduced manpower, temporary equipment costs, reduce breakage and damage, and an overall safer worksite.

Watch this video to see how our focus on safety, in-house design and construction, and flexible customization can enable, quicker, safer, larger and heavier glass installations for your next project.