THOM 2200

The THOM 2200 is forklift-mountable.

The THOM 2200

Telescopic Handler
Outdoor Manipulator

The THOM 2200 is a fork-attached adapter to turn any telescopic handler into a remote controlled multi-axis glass manipulator.

The THOM 2200 has a 2200 lb. attachment capacity. Other sizes available.

  • Boom 90° up & 45° down
  • Boom in & out
  • Tilt up & down
  • Swivel left & right
  • Shift side to side
  • Ergo’s EZ pick
  • Rotate
  • Double redundant vacuum system

Especially useful for the rough terrain of job sites, the THOM is limited only by the height & capacity of the attached handler. Grips any smooth material. Operates independently of handler by remote control.

The THOM 2200

THOM 2200 mounted on telescopic handler


THOM 4000 - Oakland Zoo - 3800 lbs each

THOM 2200 -Demo - 2x speed

Custom THOMs can be built to handle customer needs.