THOM 2200

The THOM 2200 is forklift-mountable.


The THOM 2200

Telescopic Handler
Outdoor Manipulator

The THOM 2200 is a fork-attached adapter to turn any telescopic handler into a remote controlled multi-axis glass manipulator.

The THOM 2200 has a 2200 lb. attachment capacity. Other sizes available.

  • Boom 90° up & 45° down
  • Boom in & out
  • Tilt up & down
  • Swivel left & right
  • Shift side to side
  • Ergo’s EZ pick
  • Rotate
  • Double redundant vacuum system

Especially useful for the rough terrain of job sites, the THOM is limited only by the height & capacity of the attached handler. Grips any smooth material. Operates independently of handler by remote control.

The THOM 2200

THOM 2200 mounted on telescopic handler


Custom THOMs can be built to handle customer needs.