Press Images

To download these images, do the following:

  1. Open the accordion area by clicking on the model number.
  2. Click on the desired thumbnail.
  3. After it opens in the lightbox, right-click the image and click “Save image as…” in Chrome; similar in other browsers.
  4. Save to your project folder on your computer.

The items in the specialty section are:

  1. GM2000-12 with dual wheels for uneven surfaces or to distribute load
  2. SkyHook WPI-C with a truss to install a curtain wall support fin
  3. GM2000-12 EXT (Extended boom, higher reach – 16′ to center, 18′ for skylights)
  4. GM2000-12 EXT, different pose
  5. GM2000-12 EXT with Winch